• Launched or funded dozens of startups from technology to media to education to financial services to real estate to events to publishing.
  • Experienced 3 major life changing and character molding startup failures. Fortunately, the hard lessons learned with each failure were reapplied in the same industry with a different model and team, and consequently experienced 3 major follow-on startup successes.
  • Saved SUCCESS Magazine out of bankruptcy, re-launched it with a new team, which won “Best Design Launch of the Year Award” and gained over 500,000 in print circulation, which was subsequently sold for millions of dollars.
  • Grew a startup company from conception to over $60 million market value and 3,700% growth in less than 24 months without any outside startup capital or equity financing.
  • Helped reshape industries and invent innovative business models, while creating hundreds of jobs by hiring hundreds of employees through various startup ventures.
  • Raised over $50 million in investment capital consisting of debt, equity, and other creative financing methods for his own ventures and investments.