• Works to help end the cycle of poverty and improve the lives for thousands of underprivileged entrepreneurs throughout the world by helping fund thousands of microloans in over 75 countries through Kiva. See
  • Created a new entrepreneurial ministry grant of $100,000 to award to the most effective and impactful entrepreneurial Christian ministry start-up.
  • Funds hundreds of thousands per year for ongoing research for the science of entrepreneurial success, entrepreneurship, leadership, and high impact entrepreneurial ministry.
  • Actively involved supporting multiple social entrepreneurial non-profits and ministries, helping causes such as high impact student ministries, collegiate athletes, global poverty, human trafficking, orphans, pregnancy centers, missionary organizations, discipleship organizations, and churches.
  • Helps raise millions of dollars for non-profit organizations with a specialty in entrepreneurial ministries looking to change the world with new effective ministry and social change concepts.
  • Advises high impact ministries on how to scale their impact efficiently and effectively, which includes, management structuring, fundraising, new business models, new programs, and so forth.