A loan of $675 helped a member to buy clothes for resale

Dr. Joe Johnson funded a microloan to a growing venture for Comfort, an entrepreneur in Ghana.

Here is Krobor Group’s Story


In the heart of Accra, Ghana, Comfort has been operating a retail business that sells clothes for close to eight years. She has managed to grow her business in that time, but was unable to expand it to greater profitability. She requested micro loans through Kiva and received loans that have been funding her business.

Over the years, she has received a total of six loans that have helped her working capital, and she has successfully repaid back each of the loans. Recently, she was looking for a sixth loan with ID Ghana to increase her working capital to 1,500 Ghanaian Cedi so that she can purchase clothes for resale. Her success benefits a larger group known as the Krobor Group, which currently has one other member known as Paulina. This is a hardworking and determined woman who has proven herself with results.

Microloan Partners

Locally, her loans are being administered through ID Ghana which offers financial as well as social assistance to underserved urban communities in Ghana.  With an average annual income of $3,500, many people in Ghana find it challenging to earn enough money to survive, let alone to fund the ventures that will help them to do so. The provision of microfinance through microloans is transformational for these communities.

Dr. Johnson, through ID Ghana and Kiva, has fully funded the loan for Krobor Group. These organizations and Dr. Johnson together are changing the lives of families, helping them elevate above the poverty that surrounds them.

This is because these organizations have one goal that they are working towards, and that is the provision of microfinance services to those who have no access to capital for their business. To benefit from these services, the Kiva platform brings people together while ID Ghana identifies the needy and people like Dr. Johnson provides the loans.

Krobor Group’s latest loan for $675 has been fully funded by Dr. Joe Johnson so that she has a chance of elevating her business which is buying clothes for resale. If you want to transform a community by helping an underprivileged entrepreneur, visit Kiva.org and go through all the thousands of loans that are in need of urgent funding. By funding a microloan, you will forever change the life of one person and their family.