$125 Microloan Buys Feed for Animals

 Dr. Joe Johnson  funded this loan for Carmelita, a hog farmer in Siquijor.

Here is Carmelita’s story:

Carmelita, a 70 year old widow with two adult children, lives in Pari-an, Enrique Villanueva, Siquijor.  Carmelita has engaged in a hog-raising business. She and her family are striving for a better future as they get older. She applied for a loan to purchase bags of animal feed.  The $125 microloan buys feed for animals to ensure they are healthy and well-fed until ready to be sold.Entrepreneur Dr. Joe Johnson helps entrepreneur hog-farmer Carmelita. His microloan buys feed for animals.
Without enough animal feed, Carmelita could lose some of her livestock. This would be very detrimental for business. The loan provided by Dr. Joe Johnson can help to ensure that her business does not suffer serious losses due to an inability to keep her hogs healthy and well-fed. Instead, the animal feed provided by the loan can help to provide stability to Carmelita’s business. This can be helpful for generating long-term success.

 Saving Money with Success

Carmelita wants to save more for her grandchildren’s studies. If her hog-farming business has sufficient success, then she will have significantly more funds available to pay for the education of her grandchildren. This could potentially lead to a better life for them.
The microloan, provided by Dr. Joe Johnson is designed to help fulfill a capital requirement for a specific business need.
It is a hand-up, rather than a hand-down. This means that it is viewed as a step toward self-sufficiency rather than dependence. With this loan, Carmelita grows her business and helps improve her life.

FUNDING PARTNERSEntrepreneur Joe Johnson provides a loan through Kiva.org for a hog farmer. The microloan provides feed for animals.

The field partner for this microloan is Paglaum Multi-Purpose Cooperative (PMPC). Founded in 1992 by the beneficiaries, parents and staff of the Paglaum Community Development Foundation, PMPC addresses economic and livelihood activities for sustainability. The organization operates in the northwestern provinces of Mindanao and Visayas.
In the local vernacular, “paglaum” means “hope”. The initial foundation supports child development through a holistic approach. So the poorest of the poor can help themselves, the goal is to build self-reliance and expand opportunity.  Dr. Joe Johnson, with the help of
PMPC, successfully funded this microloan to Carmelita. There are thousands of other underprivileged entrepreneurs around the world who need similar microloans. If you would like to change a life by providing a microloan to one of these entrepreneurs, please feel free to visit Kiva.org today!