$225 microloan for Adelfa buys more stock of rice to sell.

 Dr. Joe Johnson funded a loan to Adelfa, a rice seller in the Philippines.Borrower image
As a married mother of four children, Adelfa works hard to support her family. She has a rice retail business in the Philippines.
To help her improve her business, Dr. Joe Johnson funds a microloan for Adelfa.
Adelfa is borrowing 10,000 PHP through Negros Women for Tomorrow Foundation, Inc. (NWTF) to buy more stock of rice to sell. Adelfa has been sustaining her business activities through her previous loan from NWTF. She hopes that her hard work will help her attain her dream: to save money to expand her business. With this loan, Adelfa will be able to buy enough rice to keep her inventory high enough to prevent a dry period. This can help to prevent her from losing customers, and it can help her meet the demand for her business. Rice is a very popular food in the Philippines, so there is a strong market. Having a fully stocked rice inventory can help Adelfa’s rice retail business to flourish.
The average annual income in the Philippines is only $7,000. So the $225 that Adelfa is receiving from Dr. Joe Johnson can go a long way toward helping her business. If Adelfa can keep growing her business, then it will be easier to take care of her four children.

Dr. Joe Johnson; a Microloan Partner

Dr. Joe Johnson’s field partner for this loan is the Negros Women for Tomorrow Foundation, Inc. The NWTF is a non-governmental organization established with an aim to help men and women achieve self-sufficiency, particularly in the province of Negros Occidental’s low-income communities. The organization offers its clients a wide variety of products, including loans for micro-entrepreneurs, hospital income benefits, life insurance, accidental death benefits and more.
Kiva lenders’ funds will be used to expand the reach of these products to low-income urban and rural communities. Together, Kiva lenders and the NWTF are helping many people in the Philippines to access loans and other resources that can truly help their lives. There are many eager entrepreneurs in the Philippines who are trying to find ways to grow their businesses and increase their incomes.
If you would like to help some of these entrepreneurs by providing a microloan, please feel free to visit Kiva today!
Dr. Joe Johnson has helped Adelfa tremendously by providing her with this microloan. There are many people like Adelfa who could use your help. So please don’t hesitate if you are interested!