$900 Microloan Helps Cultivate Coffee

Dr. Joe Johnson funded a microloan to Jose, a coffee farmer in Santo Tomas, Peru.

José, a 39 year-old man, is married and lives in his own house made of rustic materials with his partner and three children in the district of Santo Tomás, Cutervo Province, Cajamarca department, in the country of Peru. He has great personal and work references from the people in the zone. The residents of this region work mostly in agriculture, commerce, and raising animals.


Jose works in agriculture, specifically coffee growing. Jose hopes a microloan helps cultivate coffee on his farm. To date, he has 1.5 hectares of the Catimor variety, which is resistant to diseases and pests. The plantation is in its second and third year of production. He has 20 years of experience in this field. In addition, he works raising small animals (hens, guinea pigs, pigs) and growing food products (yucca, plantains, vituca) for his consumption and sometimes to sell.

Working a Second Job

He also works as a lumber trader. Jose plans to invest the capital from the loan in the maintenance and cultivation of 1 hectare of coffee in production. Assuring a good production for the 2016 season, he also plans to purchase fertilizers, . This successful production will be reflected in a greater sales volume. The goal is to get more income to be able to improve his quality of life and that of his family. José is a new borrower for Edpyme Alternativa.

Microloan Partners

Edpyme Alternativa is the field partner for this loan. This product was created to assist Edpyme Alternativa to expand their reach into rural areas of Northern Peru in order to support more underserved populations. Kiva funding allows the institution to access the Northern areas of the Piura, Lambayeque, and Cajamarca regions, which are generally too costly to serve and therefore less supported by financial institutions.

This loan enables Jose to maintain his coffee farming business. It gives him help to get everything he needs to make sure that his 2016 coffee crop is a success. Loans, such as this $900 loan made by Dr. Johnson to Jose, help business people in the Cutervo Province of Peru to get critically needed capital to help them grow their businesses.

Because Dr. Joe Johnson gave this loan to Jose, he can now properly take care of his coffee crop and help to make his farm a success! Kiva provides loans that are intended to help generate self-sufficiency. Each loan is designed to help an underprivileged entrepreneur fulfill a business need that can lead to economic sustainability. If you would like to give a similar loan, please feel free to visit Kiva today!

There are thousands of loans that need to be funded, and there are entrepreneurs all over the world who need help to take their businesses to the next level. If you are interested, this is a great opportunity to do something that is truly helpful to people.