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Investor Active angel and commercial real estate investor, investing in over a dozen startups and over 10 million square feet of industrial, office, retail, residential… See Highlights Serial Entrepreneur With over 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur, Joe has launched or funded dozens of startups from media to real estate to [...]

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Delegating & Micromanaging: Leading Your Team Successfully

Joe Johnson, Ph.D. Entrepreneur. Investor. Startup Expert. There’s a distinct difference between giving people control of particular tasks/projects and seemingly ceding control while still ensuring that everything is being done to your standards. The first management style consists of delegating tasks/projects to direct reports and trusting that they have the ability and knowledge to successfully [...]

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Do You Have What it Takes to Be an Entrepreneur?

Joe Johnson, Ph.D. Entrepreneur. Investor. Startup Expert. Entrepreneurs are described in a great many ways. They’re go-getters, innovators, and doers. They’re makers, creators, and inventors. How you conceptualize entrepreneurs in general, as well as how you view yourself in particular can directly impact the likelihood of your ever venturing into the entrepreneurial arena. What does [...]

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Keeping Groupthink Away From Your Planning Table

Joe Johnson, Ph.D. Entrepreneur. Investor. Startup Expert. Groupthink can lead to important questions going unasked and assumptions remaining unchallenged. This is problematic for any company. How can you put an end to groupthink before it takes hold and create an environment in which ideas flourish and may be respectfully challenged at the planning table? What [...]

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How Perfectionism Can Tank Your Startup

Joe Johnson, Ph.D. Entrepreneur. Investor. Startup Expert. Most of us want things to be "just right," from our morning cup of coffee to the budget reports we’re handed by staff. However, that need for things to be a certain way - for perfection - can present a problem. The Problem With ‘Perfect’ When we set [...]

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Defining Your Startup Culture

Joe Johnson, Ph.D. Entrepreneur. Investor. Startup Expert. According to France Frei and Anne Morriss’ article “Culture Takes Over When the CEO Leaves the Room,” “... culture guides discretionary behavior and it picks up where the employee handbook leaves off. Culture tells us how to respond to an unprecedented service request. It tells us whether to [...]

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Staying Flexible While Starting Up

Joe Johnson, Ph.D. Entrepreneur. Investor. Startup Expert. A startup company is very much akin to an experiment. Despite beginning with an hypothesis that your product or service will fill a need of your target audience, you aren't completely sure whether that’s a sufficient foundation on which to build a profitable business. One possible path forward [...]

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Failing Gracefully: Learning From Disaster

Joe Johnson, Ph.D. Entrepreneur. Investor. Startup Expert. Most entrepreneurs have met with failure at least once in the course of their professional lives. There’s a reason that the fear of failure stops many from even attempting to start a business. Namely, that new businesses do fail more often than not. In an ideal world, our [...]

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Avoiding Startup Mistakes on the Path to Success

Joe Johnson, Ph.D. Entrepreneur. Investor. Startup Expert. No one begins a new endeavor while planning to fail. However, too many entrepreneurs begin their ventures making mistakes that can cost them their chance at success. Here are 12 of the most common startup mistakes to avoid as you carve your path to success. Chances are, you’ll [...]

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Achieving Follow-On Success After Failure

Joe Johnson, Ph.D. Entrepreneur. Investor. Start-up Expert. Sometimes failure isn’t the end, but a new beginning. While fear of failing can stop would-be entrepreneurs in their tracks, actual failure provides many lessons for future success. How can you effectively mine that failure for all it’s worth when you’re faced with a crumbling dream? The Benefits [...]

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